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Michael Cavanaugh in his book The Power and Purpose of Singleness said it best when he said singles are not a half cookie. Somewhere in history the idea that person was not complete unless they were married became “common thought.” This is nothing new! Jesus even talks about being complete in Matthew 19 when the Pharisees asked why Moses had to grant divorce and Jesus went on to say that those who have been given the word to live like eunuchs should do so for the sake of the Kingdom. Jesus could have responded that yes, all people should marry have 2.5 kids and that would complete their lives. But He does not!

Singles can be complete in Christ. Not in a relationship with another person or in having children. Being complete in Christ is not a relationship status at all; it is a commitment to Christ to live for Him and have a growing relationships with Him. Yes, marriage is valued in Scripture. But equally valued is the idea that you are complete in Christ and that singles have the opportunity to go on mission for the Kingdom. In fact Paul encourages us to be single like he was so we can be free other commitments and worry marriage and family can bring. Paul equally talks about the beauty of marriage and how amazing marriage can be with Christ at the center.

At Table for One Ministries we want all singles to know they are complete in Christ. Join us and spread the word that being single does not make you broken and incomplete, rather it is a great opportunity to impact the Kingdom and this world for Christ.

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Ministry ReviewSingles leaders, are you looking for a way to take your ministry to the next level of reaching singles? We would love to help! Our Ministry Review offers you a way to get remote assistance in evaluating your ministry without the cost of having us on site. We want to see your ministry grow! We take time and communicate with your key leaders about where your ministry is at and where you want to be. Through surveys and other resources we then will compile information for you that will help your reach single adults. Every review comes with a 3 month and 6 month follow-up time with key leaders. Like everything we do here at Table For One Ministries a full and upfront pricing plan is provided.
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SpeakingLooking for a speaker? Table for One Ministries has several speakers to choose from including our founder PJ Dunn. While most speaking engagements are handled by PJ, we have speakers with other focuses in regards to singles ministry. This includes single parents, single adult discipleship, finances and singles, missions and singles adults, same-sex attraction singles, and many more. We speak at conferences, ministry events, denominational events, and special events to be an advocate for singles. What makes our ministry different than most is our upfront pricing structure and that we can develop a speaking engagement with multiple speakers not just one. We are ministry that built upon the passion to reach single adults and gladly suggest a speaker that is perfect for your next event.
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